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Guido Vitiello. Researcher and Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Political Sciences, Sociology and Communication of the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. My book Il testimone immaginario. Auschwitz, il cinema e la cultura pop (“Imaginary Witness. Auschwitz, Film and Pop Culture”, Ipermedium libri 2011) explores the Holocaust theme and iconography in genres such as science fiction, thriller, horror, erotic and exploitation film. I also coedited with Andrea Minuz the 2013 issue of Cinema e Storia (“Film and History”, Rubbettino) dedicated to the Holocaust in Italian Cinema. I write for the Italian newspapers Corriere della Sera, Il Foglio, Il Sole24Ore and Internazionale. My personal blog (in Italian) is



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  1. Delighted to find your website. I teach at Tel Aviv University and Haifa University. One of my courses is called “‘After Auschwitz’: Representation of the Holocaust in Contemporary Culture” which covers many of the topics you have in the archive… and some you have not.

    I am looking forward to reading your (plural) books and possibly making some suggestions for you to include (my primary interests are in visual culture in Israel, France and the United States but as many of my students are Polish I am also slowly adding these to my own “archive”).

    Wonderful job on the archive.

    Dr. Rachel Perry

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